Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

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Music video by Beyoncé feat. Jay Z performing Drunk in Love. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment


beyoncelicious1 says:

If you are hating on Beyonce,you are hating on yourself.

Socrates The Wise Gamer says:

I guess shamelessly showing off your body to everyone makes people famous

alicia buenaventura says:

BEYONCE – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

Mari Brooks says:

idk i always thought she said “we woke up in the kitchen saying hi to
healthy dishes happenin oh baby”

Tomoko Taneichi says:

Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

Calum Hood says:

“Last thing I remember is our
Beautiful bodies grinding off in that club
Drunk in love”
Maybe the best song I have ever heard, lyrics are amazing.Such a great
artist and a very beautiful woman, too.Jay-Z is also the boss.Favorite song
right now.
#QueenB #Beyonce #DrunkInLove #jayz #ClassiestCouple 

MLPand AJvideos says:

wtf did i just watch

aperkins07 says:

lol did she say “I been drinking watermelon” at 5:30? wtf hahaha

Raychel Chisholm says:

have 2 dates for Valentines day. Their names are Chard Donnay and Cab
Sauve. One is tall dark and handsome he smokes cigars I can tell by his
scent, the other taller with long legs, he often smells of pears. They both
bring floral bouquets, which is always nice. Chard is also younger than
Cab, doesn’t matter to me. Me and Chard are having dinner together, a nice
Chicken Kiev. Chard loves this dish so much he complements it. But before
dinner he wants to get some air he gets out of his stiff coverings and puts
himself in something more breathable. He looks good in both outfits.
Dessert is going to be Vanilla bean ice with caramel sauce, Chard isn’t
sure he can compete with such a sweet dessert, but they pair well in my
heart. After my date with Chard its Cab’s time, he is very strong but
sweet. I enjoy my time with him. We are going for a late night stroll with
coffee and bitter aroma in the air. Cab makes me feel warm all over, his
presence provides comfort on this lonely Valentines day. We then set off to
have a late night chocolate sampling, never thought Cab was a fan of
chocolate, but he gets on very well with some of them. We try an orange
dark chocolate first and he definitely likes it, he seems to be drawn to
the more robust chocolates like Dark chocolate covered cherries and a 60%
bark with almonds. I look at him with such admiration, he really is the
life of the party. He seems to be at every party I go to these days, trendy
restaurants too. He has become quite popular, I’m glad he makes time to
spend with me. Although at this time of night he’s getting moody as he’s
looking at the world half empty. We decide to return home, where Chard is
waiting. He was cold when I first got there but then he warmed up to us
once we started sampling tapas. iI had prepared them earlier. First up was
my famous shrimp pate with horseradish and tomato, Chard loved this he
complimented it straight away. Cab too liked it. I then made a beef
carpaccio and put tiny shaved onion, minced button mushrooms and a hot au
jus for dipping if needed. Cab took over this dish, it was all his. Thats
fine, because I saved the best a thinly sliced pineapple laid flat on top
of a thin piece of Prosciutto, rolled in a condensed melon liqueur and
pistachios. This pleased both of them and I’m sure it would please others
with its complex ingredients. By this time, Cab was nearly done for the
night. I said goodnight and thanked him for a great night, we’ll see each
other again. Me and Chard are old friends we go back 15 years, he was my
first, and won’t be my last. Tonight he will be my best friend on this sad
and uneventful Valentines Day. Thankfully I know they are always there for
me, even though I dont call them often and its a one sided relationship,
they stand by me when in need and want. I look at Chard, he looks drained.
Its time for him to call it a night as well, he prefers the cold weather,
Cab isn’t a fan. So he is put out into the cold with no worries, I dont
want to spoil him. It’s been a favourable Valentines day Thanks entirely to
my buds, Chard Donnay and Cab Sauve. A Tale By Raychel Lynn Chisholm 

Dray Dog says:

4:48 he says ” eat the cake anime ” ?

lulek marchewaski says:

that drunken negro is the best

Joe Grine says:

Queen B turned 33 years old today!!! H-Town’s Finest!

LuckyMusiqLive says:

they are the classiest couple in the hiphop game. jayz is a boss and
beyonce is a true entertainer. im getting known fast because i rap about
real life.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the water
splashes your balls

Dolce Peste says:


YoungA170 says:

I’m a rapper trying to get some recognition, can you guys give my music a

Linda Moore says:

Beautiful and wonderful…a couple made in heaven!

Todd Smith says:

I’m disappointed with Beyoncé, she’s better than that. Why lower your
standards. I once saw you as a classy lady, now your nothing but a puppet
on Jay-Z’s string. Furthermore, how could he showcase his beautiful wife to
the world like this. I could punch his dam face. 

jerral kegler says:

is it me or she looks evil

RezAIIDay says:

Beyonce has a voice of gold! im a rapper tryna get recognition, if you
could spare 2min? to check my song ‘CRAZY’ which is gaining alot of
attention lately it would mean the world :) thank you

psychoticgiraffe says:

Drunk in giraffe


Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z:

LuckyMusiqLive says:

classiest couple in the game right here. jay z is a boss and beyonce is
such a performer with an amazing voice. im getting popular quickly because
i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the
water splashes your balls…

Jason Hickey says:

Jay-Z you lucky b@@@@rd!!!!

Janaina Negherbon says:

Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z:

Melita Ray says:

we’re in our 60’s singing how the h*** did this shit happend oh babe! Ha
ha! Ok, age is only a number. :)

Luki Megurine says:


LuckyMusiqLive says:

They are the classiest couple in the game. King and Queen right here. Shes
a true performer, and jay z is a bossss. i want that Nets hat too. im
getting popular fast because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss next to the
water in the toilet so its quiet…

rossonnere1243 says:

gay z ruined the song

Vegard høiseth says:

How can this have 201 million views when there is only 7 million People in
the world?

InstaALI says:

too much “rihanna style” in this song…

Dilson Lúcio says:


Deb Sol says:

jay z ruined this like her marriage

Teonne Campbell says:

how the hell can u drink water melon

Karol Legutko says:

My baby beyoncé got her way to the top of the illuminati.. way to go gurlll

Mint Icicle says:

it’s so creepy :P

Hentaiek says:

I was watching yesterday EMA MTV AWARDS or something like this because my
younger sister was… and I saw her concert there, i came here because of
this, i rly liked her now, beyonce u got another fan.

Adolf Hitler says:

yet more evidence of beyounce trying to be like rihanna. at age 50 beyonce
is dancing like a possessed doll and trying to show her body with her
multiple surgeries and ass implants while rihanna is showing off her
unaltered fabulous nigger body with little to no makeup. beyonce is old
news she needs to show her real looks. i bet her back is full of molds.

Sony Music UK says:

This is why she’s our artist of the week! Check out our Youtube channel to
listen to our #SonySpotlight on… Beyonce playlist!

Kratler J says:

This bitch is sooo overdramatic about every fucking thing! I really hate
her, and i don’t like her shitty music to! 

sara saritta says:


OreoNK says:

Jayz Needs to stop pausing in his raps its annoying its like he cant rap
thumbs up i u agree

PresidentVantage says:

she used to be sooooo good now look at her!!! shes still a great song but
her life actions are terrible 

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