Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)

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From the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Check out to experience the world’s first 24 hour music video! Directed by We Are From L.A. Pu…


Bamzigi Zigi says:

The track that kick starts my day errday these days and gets me lifted all
day anywhere I is at anytime is ” Happy ” by my main man @Pharrell
williams. This guy is da truth, & i love positive vibes turning frowns
upside down & turning stomach ulcers into munchies & anti~depressant pills
into skittles. I’m so happy y’all :) Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official
Music Video)

Sam Davies says:

Feelgood music with a feelgood video!

Berwyn Kelley says:

reminds me of ray charles…nice

Angel Perry says:

Awesome and funny love this video

Jenayalynn Combs Riojas says:


Gerhard Schindler says:

Have fun!

Georgia FitClub says:

Clapping along with you and thank you for all the happiness you bring to
our interconnected world!

Adrienne Harrison says:

I always listen to this song when I’m sad and automatically it makes me
happy :)

Ben Maguire VA says:

LOL Jimmy Kimmell at 2:30

damarkovavidea says:

2:25 Lonely Boy guy from Black Keys’ music video! SOLVED!

MasterFerkel says:

Props to the forestman! He made an awesome performance!

Yoshi Isa says:

I met him today at Shibuya in Tokyo.
We Japanese love him a lot.
He is more than coool!!!
Thank you for making me happy with this song.

Theresa Evans says:


Dathagrius Moltendorth says:

One does not simply listen to this song and not be happy

Nebianet Usaini says:

Pharrell makes me happy, he’s so talented. This video has this laid back
feel… but I’ll be damned if I could just dance in the street like that!

yekker22 says:

i’m happy now

Lucys P says:

Everybody is gettin it! Love this

Banetta Adams says:

I love this song, makes me feel good….bcus I’m HAPPY

Mungo says:

Couldnt stop laughing I saw the Odd Future guys

angela wachira says:

i like this song makes me feel happy :)

Nindy Hunt says:

I need a LOVE button!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my new favorite song now!!!! Keep
coming out with songs like this I love it everything you have done has been
awesome!!! you got the golden touch! sending love from Illinois

jonsilence says:

Pharrell, bro! Thank you for bringing real music, good vibes, and true
class back to the scene! And I love those shots from Frogtown at the LA
River bike path off of Los Feliz…I ride there all the time! Right ON
Pharell, stay happy! 

Gaby El says:


ronan farrelly says:

Tyler haha

James Chow says:

Awesome tune. BLOHK PARTY must have been something really fun.

Tom Prentice says:

Look at this Frank Ocean clothing style in the church nigaaaaaaaaaa

Layla sidime says:

despicable me

Jauza Akbar Renggana says:

listen again at 8 december :p

Dragan Grbic says:

Joss Henderson says:

Much better than freakin blurred freakin lines!

carpeng Basia says:

happy …szczesliwa…lol

Aleksandra Planic says:


Rico C. Jordan says:

Love that Song!!!!!! Thanks a lot pharell. Probs from germany

Dj stephan .well says:


Fariha Islam says:

I am sooooo happppyyyyyyyyy

Thegank1 says:

I’m happy too

Magdalena Michałowska says:

This song cheers me up so i like it :D

Angela Wolf says:

A video that make me feel thankful for the human race … just, wonderful

mario lehmann says:


Domkey Nika says:

That was Amaizing <3 Incredible, I’m Listening All day and still Favorite
Song <3 Thx Pharrell :*

Sparkling ICE says:

This sounds like a Cee-lo Green tune. Pharrell is super talented. He makes
real music mainstream.

fdotson07 says:

One of the best music video ever!!!!!

Fatih Karaca says:


Cassandra Michel says:

Instantly makes my day ! :) 

Tom Heagerty says:

1:22 someone please tell me where i can get that hat???

Vanessa Catalano says:


FistQLturko says:

because… :)))

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