David Nail – Whatever She’s Got

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Buy on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/fa7hj0?IQid=VEVO Music video by David Nail performing Whatever She’s Got. (C) 2013 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordi…


Scott Pruski says:

Im curious if he wrote this song or if he is just the one singing it

Huirai Reneteaud says:

0:38 Westbrook ??

Hailey Prince says:

favorite song EVER!❤️

cerpintaxt20 says:

that chick is like….unreal. holy shit.

Dave Smith says:

Nailed it!

2Drunk2ComUpWithName says:


Jaymin Koff says:

thats what he says in the song

Jaymin Koff says:

the girl in that song is pretty

Alexander Osborn says:

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Lynn Davey says:

you meant Luke Bryan’s “ catfish dinner”

kiddslick2010 says:

i like his licenses plate it says GR RRRRR

Breezy Cayson says:

I’m abusing the reply button… I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG!!!

Lucy Schopp says:

LOVE this song

kristin vanderhoff says:

hes got FINE written all over him!!! goddamn!!!!

HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio ) says:

It is a cool song !

Nicole Burgon says:

I love this song so much!

Greg Fils Aimé says:

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johncena1471 says:

I want I want I want what evers shes got, I want her but I cant tell her I want her

Cute Kittens DIY says:

one day shes suns then shes pouring down rain! and when she moves every jaws gonna drop!

Briana Hampton says:

My favorite:)

XxSamcroChickxX says:

Omg, I love this song!!

davidtischer1 says:

maks her mind up jusst to chang it
thats a girl for u

Abby Beckett says:

My babes such a good singer ♡♡

julieannettedillon says:

Love this song!!!

melzarj says:

LOVE THIS SONG and David of course!!!

Haley Frye says:

New favorite song!!! :)

catseye664 says:

Very good. Reminds me a lot of Keith Urban.

KM Paul says:

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aaron8862006 says:

I think they’re beautiful and well-dressed. No need to lay down judgement because someone isn’t wearing muddy blue jeans ;)

aaron8862006 says:

Cool story.

Ashlynn Trail says:

love this

Sara Mione says:

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Happy Life Creations says:

you guys should really listen to bones6096 cover of this song he is amazing and im his number 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 fan evs please listen 2 him
hes just tryin to get some fans

cindy says:

i cant stop listening to this song!!!!!

Catherine Kelly says:

I’m a lesbian and i still think male country singers are sexy :) American Country Music is my life :)

Matthew Hursey says:

One of my favorite songs

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