Eminem – Headlights Ft. Nate Ruess | (MMLP2 – 2013)

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[Verse 1: Nate Reuss] Mom I know I let you down And though you say the days are happy Why is the power off, and I’m fucked up? Mom, I know he’s not around Bu…


victor1234547 says:

dude just stfu, u dont know what happen, shit i dont even know but from what i read in biographies his mom treated Marshal like shit

leon giovanni says:

dear mama was way better.

Cade Garrett says:

This is fucking awesome. Real talk. He’s back finally.

Vixens says:

I’m laughing at your hypocrisy.

EMINEM| The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (FULL ALBUM)(OFICIAL) says:

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ROLO Dem says:

I see nothing wrong with Nate.. He’s got a great voice and I’ve been waiting a long time for these two to make a song together and it’s pretty fucking sweet…
To each his own I guess..

Senz Mania says:

My favourite song on MMLP2

colemccurley says:

I think it is like “Dear Mama” and Ozzie’s “Mama I’m Comin Home”. I grew up with Eminem. I think this song is a spitting image of the style used on the Iconic MMLP. It reminds me of Stan. Also the new song “Legacy” is even better. I will buy at least two of these albums on disc and a digital copy. Can’t get better than real.

Justa Guy says:

Whoever doesn’t like this song must have severe brain damage

YoungDayzed337 says:

If you followed Eminems career this is a beautiful song and you will be touched because he is apologizing for everything he’s said about his mom! He doesn’t want cleaning out my closet to play anymore this shit is too real!

Luisa Antía says:

no one will never know.

bacel sadek says:

hailie finished high school
and shady forgave his ma
feel old yet ???

Luisa Antía says:

I feel like crying. He forgives her. finally <3

Robert Castle says:

People grow up, maybe you should take a look in the mirror… GROW UP

r4b3rt says:

Beautiful!! only Em can pull this song off!

TheTomasz63 says:


MicGagger says:

fuck off your racist nigger

Jenna Shwyd says:

I tried to not listen to the leaked songs but I heard a few things about this song and I couldn’t wait until November 5th

Heldagrif says:

Slow your fucking role. Woah, woah, woah.

eltingville81 says:

Great song

leon giovanni says:

eminem is fucked up he used his mother to make songs like cleaning out my closet. he treated his mother like shit practically all his life and now that hes 41 he finally realizes it wasn’t her fault?? i dont buy that i think he was mature enough to realize it wasn’t her fault years ago but just chose to use her as a topic in his songs.

B Rabbit says:

Phenomenal song, really glad Slim reconciled with his mum. Can’t wait for the my pre-ordered deluxe version.

FelipeRios says:

the video to this song is going to be so sick…

Lucy Fu says:

Simply AMAZING!It has already become one of my favourite rap songs!

jonnyowen24 says:

Eminem maturing as his fans grow older. Love it. Grew up to this man.

ryandeegreat11 says:

This song doesn’t deserve even 1 dislike.. This song is so.. I can’t say anything because it’s so beautiful.

AbbieIsSoCrazy says:


TheMicMyer says:

if anyone hates on this song has a cold heart. if you dont like it, you can at least respect it. this is a really good song tho

AbbieIsSoCrazy says:

to this yes

TheMicMyer says:

This song is Great!! almost brought tears to my eyes. one of the best :)

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