top 25 best asian horror movies ever !!!

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top 25 movies… sorry i forget “the maid” songs : alex theme ,silent hill homecoming sadiq ,give it to me.


simen30 says:

where is ichi the killer!!!!!!!!!

subin sunar says:

top is shutter

andrea says:


mastah khitz Sandoval says:


maureen Dulay says:

i like the ” the wig

lola ortiz says:

omg im soo scared im not ganna be able to sleep for days but i love scary asian movies ^_^

lOuiX31Ss says:

1:28 it’s from thailand

Jamil Chmait says:

i really like ring 0

HoLyMC says:


Etude2901 says:


jundy1987 says:

.the road
.feng sui
phil best horror movies!

Navneet Jagota says:

i am so scared

123iamugly says:

the eye

123iamugly says:


HoLyMC says:

sadiq – give it to me … (nobody reads the discription =/ )

primahart says:

@PaddyVF Alex Theme by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

PaddyVF says:

Name of the last song???

primahart says:

Just to point out that Into the Mirror is the movie for which Mirrors with Keifer Sutherland and Halle Berry is based off of

primahart says:

Though it doesn’t change the fact that they’re very good

primahart says:

Unsurprisingly the majority of Asian horror films have chicks as main characters

HoLyMC says:

thnks =)

ValoChick84 says:

Just letting you know THE CUT is from South Korea and it came out in 2007.

primahart says:

Anyone see the Black Rat that was creepy

primahart says:

@HoLyMC Someone Behind you is a Korean horror film

primahart says:

@xxxgoodguy1 Reincarnation is a creepy film I agree. But from what I’ve heard about Coming Soon is that it generally kinda sucks

pingsuke says:

#18 Alone (แฝด) is Thai movie.

Sarah Senethep says:

OMG DAT IS SO SCARY, I think i pee :(

HoLyMC says:

then go for it =)

TheCorpseDemon says:

i have already seen shutter , alone, tale of two sister, apt and re cicle didnt go through my view…. but still i am interesrested in those THE EYE series =D

Tarzana324 says:

This is my fave and coming soon too.

HoLyMC says:

=P , the eye 1 and 2 are great movies but the third isnt scary … i recomend you “shutter”, “apt” (apartament) ,or if you want a reaaally weird and bizarre movie “re-cicle” , a great story “a tale of two sisters” , “loner” , “alone”

TheCorpseDemon says:

really?? thought it was a great horror movie

FireRockzy says:

agree with you ^^
but i still like this

HoLyMC says:

dont watch it … its stupid and boring =P

TheCorpseDemon says:

I’ve been tryin so hard but couldn’t find THE EYE 3 any where please can any one help me in findin it!

vanessaaurio19 says:

Nice. :>

xxxgoodguy1 says:

you probably forgot “coming soon” and “Reincarnation” they are really creepy.

whazup says:

Nicee song!

12209 Productions says:

Cello is underrated. Suicide Club was ok, but will give it another chance. Bunshinsaba was pretty good too.

12209 Productions says:

it seems like that series tends to get better the more we go into it. It’s funny though because Bunshinsaba could probably fit into the Whispering Corridors series.

HoLyMC says:

cool, i will check it later.. now im gonna sleep.. my fav of the saga is the 3rd… you have to see the 5 is great like the others…i really love that saga !!

12209 Productions says:

Wow, you really like the Whispering Corridors series. My fav of those is the 4th film Voice, but I haven’t seen the 5th one. Any video that has my 2 favorite things in horror (Silent Hill and Asian horror) are good in my book :)

If you want to check out a couple short films that I made which were inspired by Asian horror, and Silent Hill check them out on my channel. They’re titled “Tracers” and “A Lovely Side to Darkness”

Suffersosweetly says:

Try Cello, suicide club and bunshinsaba. I am gonna have to watch “whispering stairs” I hear a lot about it, but havent seen it yet. you say there are a series?

Suddely98 says:

omg thats really so bad

saul valdes says:

great song

gsus900 says:

asian films are welll scary : s

HoLyMC says:

as th@samdiveskihei yeah … i forgot the maid.. that was the first movie i saw and i really like it… and arang … i never saw it complete..i get boring =P

samdiveskihei says:

You forgot the maid but what about Arang, i’s a great movie by the people who produced Two Sisters and the Maid.

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