Beyoncé – Let’s Move Your Body ( Official Video ~ HD )

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MsCookiesDough12 says:

3:20 :(

Amanda Moore says:

I love you beyonce you my fovite sing

Amanda Moore says:

Hi everyone
My name is amanda
Do you konw victories show
I now i am going to on the show now i am going to Hollywood artis it is fun

Pérola Sophie Avelar says:

Diva *_* *-* ! _ ! ^_^ ^-^ ~_~ ~-~

tiarrarussell says:

This is my workout everyday lol

ptitelylyn says:

Amazing <3

alabi822 says:

She is too perfect

PlanetParanoid1 says:

beyonce is 32 i did not know that she is geting old and she looks young.

Luiz Fillipe de Araújo Caneschi says:


Angelica Concepcion says:

Love this even though it smells of Michelle Obama… I kid the first lady

courtney charles says:

Can you all PLEASE go view my channel!!!

It’s a blessing for all the views I’ve gotten so far!!!

I just want to start off by saying it is my DREAM/GOAL to become a singer!!

I’m not a Beyoncé or anything, but I promise I am working hard to get there!!

I know it’s not going to be an easy trip to get there.

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Alexis Faria says:

i think about this alot when i’m at school

emeline emeline says:

Beyoncé 3 she ‘s the best

Irina Rusu says:

she has mad dancing skills!! :)

mrodperez91 says:

Damn in heels too….she’s a great dancer

20thcenturyrules says:

Appropriate for an active lifestyle… Be Strong & Positive. Love her choreograph she’s awesome!

20thcenturyrules says:

Everybody Just Move Your Body! Appropreatefor

angel king says:

let’s move

Terri Hayes says:

move your body

AvengingTheKite says:

Beyonce in saints row 4 on my channel

Tameshia TooCute says:

No she ran the wrong way she was supposed to go to the left not the right…. Come on man you have a song called to the left I know u know yo left from right

סאמנתה אונצ'ורה says:

Obviously everybody around her went the wrong way ;]

Marie Gold says:

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maryswagonme says:

Quiero un recreo así D::D:D:D:D

Dumpspace says:

MLP ripoff

Ian Matheus says:

this isn’t the official account…

Liiceth Botiina says:

Amo A Beyonce

Star Light says:


brianna coleman says:

its an apple… wtf?

Pauly Antonio says:

She ate that apple or peach so perfectly

periwinkleRin says:

y only 880k viewers? hmm..

Miryam Lufuakenda says:

Elle est trop belle

Lauryn Ceritez says:

How was that stupid? Fuck you.

Erica Burton says:

That was stupid

Pedro Guilherme says:

Diva ♥

Bailey Vlemincx says:

Love it :D

Francilene Dantas says:

y love beyonce!
este clipe ta d+

Liiceth Botiina says:

Amo A Beyonce

Luciene Roberta says:

y love beyoncé <3′ let’s move your body <3

kenzo dia says:

verry verry nice

Evelin Pacheco says:

Beonce é muitoooooooo diva.
Eu queria sabe dança igual a ela kkk

tom Rodrigues says:

liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiida  amou s2

bzhr6ky9 says:

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Bethan Clarke says:

I love how she goes the wrong way hehehehe

Joash Infante says:

Random midget in the back

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