The New Yahoo! Mail Sucks!!!

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What the hell is up with all these websites making new shittier designs? The users don’t like it! Keep it the way it is in the first place!


GozarianGozar says:

Lesson: Don’t hire a woman CEO in tech. Problem solved.

rlafeve says:

Wait till my video camera gets charged you tube wont want to put this one on their site I have been waiting for something that pisses me off well yahoo you did it now. Doommaster i don’t know how long you were with yahoo its been around 7 years for me telling people get a yahoo account they are great. Well Looks like I am done selling my words about a web site also.

rlafeve says:


anthonyv6612 says:

I allways have issue accessing my yahoo mail wtf, why?

anthonyv6612 says:

Yahoo mail has pop ups, advertisement, stupid chat pop ups annoying. Fuckin sux

anthonyv6612 says:

This kid looks like a crazy trench coat killa lol

anthonyv6612 says:

Yahoo mail is bad, allway get hacked, it allways wont send, its horible, then I call its a dothead

awordfromYvan says:

atleast that, i always get that stupid thing where your suppose to type in some weird text and when i click continue it just brings up another text i cant access my account at all. fuck yahoo

Doommaster1994 says:

Same with YouTube and Facebook! It’s almost as if they WANT us to leave the site. At LEAST have an option to switch back to the old setting. Don’t FORCE us users to convert to the new layouts, it’s bullshit!

Mikeishere1st says:

Yahoo decided that paying people with experience in GUI software design was no longer relevant to their business plan. It’s now designed by a bunch of egotistical newbies who think they know everything at age 20.

Doommaster1994 says:

All the more reason to hate them!

WatchmenDrManhattan says:

yahoo turned into some gay hippy commune I m trying to access my mail fore about 10 min now cant get past there advertising & improving my security & some other sheet that I am not interested in

spud2ooo says:

hey i use aol no problems and it is powerd by gmail

Paul Cheall says:

November 2011 – I have to say I agree with this guy. It is so limp and slow and has irritated me enormously. OK you can see what they were doing with some of the usability features but it beggars belief how much slower it is. My partner is just the same on a different PC and Op System so it IS Yahoo that’s at fault. I just HATE THE NEW YAHOO! PLEASE FIX IT FAST!

loveunderlaw says:

The “new” Yahoo Mail most DEFINITELY sucks ass, Yahoo Classic rocked!

midnightblue69 says:

Yahoo is nothing but a poorly scripted, personal information selling, liberal propaganda machine. They suck serious ass. But there is nothing alse like it YET.

Doommaster1994 says:

Thanks. This video is meant to be a spoof of Silent Rob’s rant for the PSN Network but I was being serious about how it sucks compared to the old Yahoo. Fuck the new Yahoo. I only like the fact that I can change my ‘theme’ to music. That’s it. Other than that, it’s complete crap.

kmmazon says:

I share your pain man and I know your talking crazy so they will get the point so put my face to it and if ONE OF THE YAHOO PEOPLE DIES you just gave the dumb cops that are as dumb as yahoo a reson to arrest you But I know it wasn’t you by the cracks in your voice that show your all talk and show but it gets the point accross. Good work man.

gandalfwiz20007 says:

i share your pain brother, luckily i managed to change back to classic mail, next time they do this, i’m changing to GMAIL! 

NoobyRC says:

The new layout does suck I hit the back button now and make me reload the email in over and over again.

i think they did that to up there usage numbers

Usage numbers are used to up the value of the “data” they have collected on there users

Not only are they scaming us but the people they sell the data to as well.

NoobyRC says:

I think is just so funny and yea i recomend Google at least for now, the thing is google is the biggest sell out of private information in the world, but at least the present there right propaganda news!

If you google email get Gmail

NoobyRC says:

yea Im done with yahoo, they are just to right wing for me to handle anymore.

47f0 says:

I think Yahoo is trying to be gmail – another “cloud” application that I have bad experience with. Here’s the deal – if you have a market, trying to play catchup with the other guy is not the way you keep your market – it’s the way you lose it, and in this case, since gmail sucks slightly less than the new Yahoo mail, guess what – you’ve just handed your mail, one of your core value platforms, over to google. Poor strategy and worse execution.

timmy21inla says:

fuck new yahoo fuck it fuck fuck fuck fuck it

Doommaster1994 says:

My grandfather was a cop, so I guess there’s a connection there. XD

ranpo677 says:

You look like the cop that pulled me over the other night with the flash light and yelling hahaha

Doommaster1994 says:

I wasn’t really THAT pissed, I was just acting like Silent Rob :P

killamonkey says:

Calm down, change to gmail, and forget about it.

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